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  • PROF. UMI VAUGHAN (Cal. State Monterey Bay) - "...constructed simply and elegantly...."

Ma's passions are the arts, and communicating across ethnic/cultural boundaries. "It's important for us to understand each other.  We often make assumptions about people from another culture based on our own experience, only to find out later our assumptions were wrong - with consequences ranging from the humorous to the tragic," she explains. 

Acting on her beliefs, she has made documentaries about music and dance traditions ranging from classical southern Indian, to Afro-Peruvian, to Tahitian, to Spanish.  "Music, dance, and the other arts are great ways to learn about each other and have a good time doing it," she explains. 

Ma has also directed a feature-length drama, and several experimental shorts. She has shot her films in the United States, Spain and Peru.

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